Can Lack Of Sleep Cause Depression For New Mommies?


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As a new parent you will find it easy to start puting the needs of your child above yours

And rightfully so!

But you have to find balance.

There are serious health consequences for the new mommy not getting her sleep as well.Somebody Seems Sleepy | Sleep Deprivation


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Coping Tips for Sleep-Deprived Moms — The Happiest Mom

I'm gearing up to take my own advice by leaning into the reality of newborn parenting and all that comes with it – sleep deprivation, crazy hormones, tiny socks and all. Wish me luck! It's so easy to feel hopeless – especially after the first few – but if new parents can focus on finding a system that works for them, the crazy newborn phase will transition smoothly into the toddler stage, then preschool and before you know it, they're graduating high school. So, there's that